Daybreak in the Souk

Neighboring shopkeepers press hands,
collapsing on wobbly folding chairs
to share an apple-flavored nargileh
and observe the standard anarchy
of scrooping chains raising shutters
and loosening rusty entrance gates,
clogged lanes baffling ramblers,
lechers’ snatching hands reaching
for shapely meats bulging beneath
skimpy outfits while elsewhere
lame beggars sniff rinds discarded
by famished sightseers too entitled
for wastebins and shouting youths
glut themselves on baklava chunks
and scruffy cats on dropped scraps.
The hordes and stenches unleashed
by naughty dawn only ever succumb
to genteel dusk’s fleeting respite,
the delight and chagrin of all comers.

About the Author: Brandon Marlon is a playwright, screenwriter and poet from Ottawa, Canada and received his B.A. (Hon.) in Drama and English from the University of Toronto and his M.A. in English from the University of Victoria. His script The Bleeding Season won the 2007 Canadian Jewish Playwriting Competition. His poetry has been published in Canada, the U.S., and Israel in various publications including The Canadian Jewish News, Streeteaters, Poetica, Yalla Journal,, Jewish Tribune, The Bulletin, The Victoriad, The Trinity Review, UC Review, The Deronda Review, Emunah Magazine, Lantern Magazine, Voices Israel,,,, The Steel Chisel, U of T Magazine, Swept Media, Calliope, Grey Sparrow Journal, The Bangalore Review, as well as being recorded for Israel National News radio. He has released two poetry volumes, Inspirations of Israel: Poetry for a Land and People (2008), followed by Judean Dreams (2009).